Extensible Cueing Protocol (XQP)

One of the challenges of helping to create new and different solutions for a wide range of projects is that we are sometimes stuck reinventing the wheel in order to build the foundational components of our hardware and software solutions. We have long craved a more modular set of media server and show control tools and have finally started to develop them ourselves. The foundation of these new tools is a brand new show control protocol that we are calling the Extensible Cueing Protocol (XQP for short). XQP is intended as a new universal language for show control systems, media servers, lighting controllers, and AV devices to communicate with one another.

About XQP

XQP is a highly flexible, inherently abstracted, transport-layer agnostic, machine and human readable, communications language for show control and multimedia playback applications in live performance and installation environments.

XQP is built in a modular fashion that makes it easy for developers in a wide range of application programming environments to implement only the required portions of it’s total functionality and it is designed to readily support the addition of functionality that is specific to a given project at hand without requiring substantive changes to the overall implementations of the language.

XQP is designed to be inherently backward and forward compatible such that changes can be made to the overall specification to support newly desired functionality without requiring any changes to be made to existing implementations of the specification.

XQP is designed to support a wide variety of hardware and software implementations from the simplest of looping media players through to complex media servers supporting numerous inputs and outputs and advanced 3D content manipulation capabilities.

XQP is inherently scalable, allowing developers and end users to seamlessly scale up to massively high node counts and to easily implement complex functionality such as understudy redundancy and mesh based show control schemas.

How do I use it?

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the Language & Recommended Implementation Specification documents for XQP and will post it here for download when it is complete. We are also actively working to bring a range of XQP compliant media servers and show control systems to market. You can learn more about our line of XQP ready products on the XQ Media Server page of our website.


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